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May, 2014
  May 12, 2014 VIP Get VIP Programme – Updated
March, 2014
  March 28, 2014 EPIC Pre-Ranking Qualifications
January, 2014
  January 3, 2014 New eCosway Initial Profit Qualifications for BOs
Date : May 12, 2014

VIP Get VIP Programme – Updated

Applicable to Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei Only.

 Exclusively for VIP Shoppers only!

Introduce a VIP Shopper and get RM100 worth of products!*

The more you introduce, the more you will get. There is NO LIMIT!

Here is how it works….

  1. Introduce a VIP shopper
  2.  VIP Shopper spends RM100** or more within 30 days  (**Purchases of  N, T, P  S or Q  products and except RP products)
  3. You will get 100 Discount Value Points (DVP) worth RM100 to spend on our products. (Purchases of product at N & T prices)

*For Singapore and Brunei purchase amount is SGD/BRD 50 and Discount Value Points (DVPs) awarded is 50 DVPs

Terms and Conditions - Updated:

(Please refer below for the most updated terms and conditions, which has superseded the previous version sent earlier. We also include the Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese versions for your easy reference).

  1. Duration: From 1st May, 2014 till 31st July, 2014.
  2. Open to VIP Shoppers in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei ONLY.
  3. Existing VIP Shoppers who joined before 1st May 2014 are automatically qualified to participate in this programme.
  4. Newly-registered VIP Shoppers who join from 1st May 2014 can qualify to participate upon purchasing at least RM100 worth of products (N,T,P,S,Q category, and except RP products) within 30 days upon joining.
  5. The 30 days qualifying period of a VIP Shopper can be concurrent with the 30 days period of the VIP Shopper he/she introduces. (This means that, if you are a newly registered VIP Shopper, you need not wait after you are qualified to start introducing VIP Shoppers. The qualifying period for both you and the new VIP Shopper you introduced will run simultaneously).
  6. No limit on the number of new VIP Shoppers you can introduce.
  7. A maximum amount of 100 DVPs will be awarded to the introducer for every VIP introduced when the new VIP shopper purchases at least RM100 at net invoice value of products within the first 30 days of registration. (Example: even though RM200 worth of products were purchased, only 100DVPs will be awarded.) Redemption Coupons (RC) and Redemption Points (RP) WILL NOT be given for purchases during this 30 days. If purchase is made using the special New VIP Shopper Virtual Discount Voucher, it will not generate DP, eV, RC and RP.
  8. DVPs earned will be awarded to the introducer no later than by the end of the following month (Example: DVPs earned in May 2014 will be awarded no later by the end of June 2014).
  9. DVPs earned by the introducer can be accumulated during the duration of the programme, and will remain valid until 30th September 2014. These DVPs can only be used to buy products at N or T prices, is not transferable, and CANNOT be exchanged for cash..
  10. VIP Shoppers are able to check their DVPs status at any of our stores with the personal PIN. You can get your personal PIN through 2 methods:
    • Upon registration, the VIP Shopper just need to do a simple 6-digit PIN setting (key in the PIN on a keypad provided by the operator, and the system will be updated automatically).
    • If PIN is not set at point of registration, the VIP Shopper can contact Customer service to request for the PIN via email: customerservice@ecosway.com
  1. This programme will also apply for inter-country introductions between Malaysia (MY), Singapore (SG) and Brunei (BR).

The Company reserves the right to amend or revise the terms and conditions of the programme as it deems fit, and such change(s) shall be applicable and will take immediate effect without further notice.

Yours faithfully,

The Management


Date : March 28, 2014

EPIC Pre-Ranking Qualifications

EPIC Pre-Ranking Qualifications

Applicable to Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei Only.

Dear Business Owners,

We have received plenty of feedback from existing and new BOs (including their prospects) regarding the EPIC pay plan.

All the feedback has the same message – that BOs prefer to focus on the EPIC plan exclusively, instead of splitting the volume into two. With one single EPIC plan, it is much easier for the BOs to recruit new BOs and at the same time, easier to promote, explain, train and duplicate.

Hence, the company is going to launch EPIC as AN EXCLUSIVE plan, whereby all eV volume goes to EPIC. BOs will now enjoy higher Team Cycle Commission and Personal Team Bonus.

In order to enjoy the Pre-Ranking privileges, BOs are only required to fulfill the EPIC volume for a certain period of time. You may refer to the tables below and attached for more details:

Pre-Mentor & Mentor Program
  • Pre-Mentor: 100ev in EPIC x 10 months
  • Mentor: 11th month to 22nd month (12 months): Normal Qualifications.
  • No break for 5 months: $14 x RM3.2 / S$1.25 /  B$1.25 permanently
  • Can restart the Pre-Mentor from 23rd month, or
  • Start Pre-Hero program
Pre-Hero & Hero Program
  • Pre-Hero: 200ev in Epic x 4 months
  • Hero: 5th to 16th month (12 months): Normal Qualifications
  • No break for 2 months: $14 x RM3.2 / S$1.25 /  B$1.25 permanently
  • Can restart Pre-Hero program from the 17th month, or
  • Start Pre-Icon program from the 5th month
Pre-Icon & Icon Program
  • Pre-Icon: 100ev in EPIC x 12 months
  • Icon: 13th to 24th month (12 months): Normal Qualifications
  • Can restart the Pre-Icon program immediately upon completion of 24 months
Assigned Mentor (Qualified before 20th March)
  • To upgrade to Hero: 100ev in EPIC for 6 consecutive months.
  • After 6 consecutive months, become Hero for the next 12 months
Assigned Ambassador (Qualified before 20th March)
  • To upgrade to Hero: 100ev in EPIC for 5 consecutive months.
  • After 5 consecutive months, become Hero for the next 12 months

It is very easy to convince people as the Pre-Ranking privileges enable BOs to enjoy bonus if he/she has ONLY ONE branch. It is a major advantage over other MLM plans in the world!


1) Qualifications and bonus payout is monthly instead of 28-day period.

2) EPIC qualification period is between 16th and 15th of the following month.

The first qualification was closed on 20th March, hence:

  • The 1st maintenance cycle is between 21st March and 15th April (which means BOs must qualify by 15th April in order to receive bonus payout on the 4th week of April
  • The 2nd maintenance cycle is between 16th April and 15th May
  • The 3rd maintenance cycle is between 16th May and 15th June, and so forth.

3) All the newly-joined BOs will follow the same qualification cycle.

4) The EPIC plan bonus payout is around the 10th of the following month e.g. the bonus for volume generated between 16th April and 15th May will be paid around 10th June.

(eCosway plan remains unchanged)

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

The Management


Date : January 3, 2014

New eCosway Initial Profit Qualifications for BOs

Only applicable for Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei

Effective 1st January 2014, eCosway Initial Profit Qualifications for Business Owners (BOs) will be amended as follows:-

New Initial Profit Qualification of eCosway Business Owners

Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei
eV* required


Profit Centre


Branch Override


Qualification Period

15 eV 10 1 v v - - 60 days from joining
50 eV 30 1 v v 1 1 60 days from joining
100 eV 60 1 v v 3 3 60 days from joining
500 eV 300 1 v v Unlimited Unlimited 180 days from joining

*No RP rewarded on eV sets.

These changes are in conjunction with the launch of the "Smart Consumer Program" and to:-

  • Enable BOs to accumulate their 500ev from eV sets either upon joining or within 180 days from date of joining

  • Allow all BOs to buy the eV set(s) for even monthly maintenance purposes

    (BOs who purchase 15eV sets for maintenance purposes, please note that each 15eV set generates only 10QU. BOs are advised to make sure that there is sufficient QUs for the month required for their desired profits. The new 15eV sets will be available in the system from 6th January 2014)

Wishing all our Members a very Happy and Prosperous 2014!

The Management


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  April 9, 2014 EPIC Plan Additional Announcements

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