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July, 2015
  July 30, 2015 Consolidated Training Program Schedules for August 2015 for Thailand
March, 2015
  March 31, 2015 GST on Joining and Renewal Fees
January, 2014
  January 3, 2014 New eCosway Initial Profit Qualifications for BOs
Date : July 30, 2015

Consolidated Training Program Schedules for August 2015 for Thailand

Training Programs in Thailand
Click here to view the schedule in English language.

คลิ๊กที่นี้เพื่อดู ตารางการอบรม ในภาษาไทย

Plan one yourself...

If you can guarantee a group of 50 people or more, one of our corporate trainers would be happy to conduct a Training Program for your group (subject to location and availability of trainers). For training programs in Singapore, Indonesia & Thailand, please contact the following persons in charge for further information or to make meeting arrangements.

Ms. Jo Loi Kai Yin
Tel no: 603-2030 1000 (ext: 1242)
Email address: KYLoi@cosway.com.my

Mr Lo Vui
Tel no: 603-2030 1000 (ext: 1190)
Email address: vuilo@cosway.com.my

Ms. Law May Chee
Tel no: 603-2030 1000 (ext: 1163)
Email address: MCLaw@cosway.com.my



Date : March 31, 2015

GST on Joining and Renewal Fees

Applicable to members in Malaysia and Brunei Only

Kindly note that all joining and membership renewal fees are subject to GST effective 1 April 2015.

The following are the respective joining or renewal Fees:

  • Joining: Cosway M member and eCosway BO: RM100 + 6%= RM106
  • Renewal: Cosway M member and eCosway BO with 1 profit centre: RM50 + 6% = RM53
  • Renewal: eCosway BO with multiple profit centre: RM100 + 6% = RM106
  • VIPs: RM30 + 6% = RM31.8 (free 1 RC and 50% virtual discount voucher up to RM200, on N & T products).


  • Stores in Langkawi and Labuan are NOT subject to GST therefore the joining and renewal fees for stores in these locations remain unchanged.
  • For our Brunei members and shoppers who wish renew their memberships at any of our stores in Malaysia, the same rates above in Ringgit Malaysia will apply.

The Management



Date : January 3, 2014

New eCosway Initial Profit Qualifications for BOs

Only applicable for Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei

Effective 1st January 2014, eCosway Initial Profit Qualifications for Business Owners (BOs) will be amended as follows:-

New Initial Profit Qualification of eCosway Business Owners

Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei
eV* required


Profit Centre


Branch Override


Qualification Period

15 eV 10 1 v v - - 60 days from joining
50 eV 30 1 v v 1 1 60 days from joining
100 eV 60 1 v v 3 3 60 days from joining
500 eV 300 1 v v Unlimited Unlimited 180 days from joining

*No RP rewarded on eV sets.

These changes are in conjunction with the launch of the "Smart Consumer Program" and to:-

  • Enable BOs to accumulate their 500ev from eV sets either upon joining or within 180 days from date of joining

  • Allow all BOs to buy the eV set(s) for even monthly maintenance purposes

    (BOs who purchase 15eV sets for maintenance purposes, please note that each 15eV set generates only 10QU. BOs are advised to make sure that there is sufficient QUs for the month required for their desired profits. The new 15eV sets will be available in the system from 6th January 2014)

Wishing all our Members a very Happy and Prosperous 2014!

The Management


Important Notices
  April 9, 2014 EPIC Plan Additional Announcements

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