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Testimonials - Here's what Hexagon Users have to say


Relieved My Sinusitis
I've suffered from sinusitis for more than 10 years. Every day of my life was simply intolerable without anti-histamine spray and I had no luck with herbal supplements or natural remedies. However, one month after I switched from normal water to Hexagon water, I felt good enough (and brave enough) to go for a whole day without the spray. It was amazing--no sneezing, no runny nose, no pain! I haven't used anti-histamines since. - WM Chow

Increased Energy & Weight Loss
Wow! What a difference! My wife and I started drinking Hexagon a couple of months ago and I can't believe the effect it has had. We both have so much more energy now and my wife has lost 19 lbs. - D. Oswald

Stopped Body Odor & Bad Breath
I was upset when my grandchildren stopped giving me hugs. I thought it was because they were growing up and wanted to be more independent, but my daughter told me that they were avoiding me because I had bad breath and body odor and they didn't have the heart to tell me. I have heard that this problem is common among the elderly on account of sluggish metabolism and poor digestive function, but I didn't know what to do. I started taking longer, more frequent showers but they didn't help. Things really took a turn when my daughter installed a Hexagon system. I started drinking as much water as I could. Now my grandchildren say I no longer have that "bad smell". - MD Lee

Reduced Blood Pressure
I have had hypertension for many years. I thought this meant a low salt diet, regular exercise and daily pills for the rest of my life. But about one month after switching to Hexagon water, my doctor said my blood pressure reading was almost normal. If this trend continues, I may even be able to enjoy my favorite salted fish occasionally. - CC Pih

Relieved Constipation & Promoted Weight Loss
Ever since I can remember, I've struggled with my weight. I've tried everything from slimming teas and creams to weight loss diets, but nothing ever worked for me. Then my boss installed a Hexagon system in the office. A couple of weeks after drinking this "energized" water, I no longer suffered from my usual constipation. I began to drink more and more Hexagon water (and less and less coffee). I soon realized my clothes were getting looser - this is the first time this has happened to me, ever! Now, I've installed my own Hexagon at home and I am committed to a slimmer, healthier me. With Hexagon water, it's been so much easier to watch my caloric intake and I am now TWO sizes smaller! - LP Choo

No More Throat & Joint Discomfort
I have had a constant discomfort in my throat for a long time. Doctors assured me that there was nothing wrong, but I still worried because my family has a history of nose cancer. I tried all kinds of traditional remedies, but the discomfort persisted. Three weeks after I began drinking Hexagon water, the discomfort disappeared completely. Another problem that I had was that I suffered from "trigger finger". (my middle finger wouldn't bend or straighten easily). Doctors recommended surgery but I chose physiotherapy, which didn't work. Now that I have been drinking Hexagon water, I have recovered movement in my finger. - Amy Low

Soothed Hoarseness & Canker Sores
My work involved doing lots of talking for the past 4 years. As a result, my voice became very hoarse and strained. Worse still, I was prone to canker sores whenever I had insufficient sleep. Then I started drinking Hexagon water. I like the sweet taste, especially when chilled, and amazingly I was able to consume more than 12 glasses a day. In less than 3 weeks, the hoarseness in my voice disappeared and its resonance returned to enable me to sing again ! As for the canker sores, here's my little secret: I suck ice cubes made from Hexagon water and bathe the ulcers in melted ice. - you won't believe this - the sores disappear overnight ! Now Hexagon water is the most important part of my health regime.- JL

Lowered Blood Sugar Level
I am 44 years old, and recently discovered that my blood sugar level was dangerously high. I will never forget that visit to the doctor because he told me that I had to be very careful with my diet and absolutely consistent with my medication. It was hard to believe that I could be diabetic! For the first time in my life, I realized that I would really have to watch my eating habits. Fortunately, a friend of mine told me about Hexagon water. Two months after drinking plenty of Hexagon water, my blood sugar level has normalized. My doctor was very surprised by my startling improvement. - PW Chang

Alleviated Allergies
I've been allergic to seafood since childhood. If I swallow even a small piece of shrimp, I break out in rashes. I still remember the day I gorged on prawn dumplings in defiance of my allergy, and ended up in the hospital needing emergency treatment. Doctors told me that my body couldn't handle the "high toxicity" in seafood. I was constantly on anti-allergy medications, but they only suppressed the symptoms for a while. I was miserable. Now that I've switched to drinking Hexagon water, my rashes and itching aren't as frequent. Last week, I accidentally ate some shrimp and spent the next few hours nervously dreading the inevitable… but the allergic reaction never came! - L Ling

Relieved Flatulence & Flattened Tummy
Probably because of my stressful schedule, constant traveling and irregular meals, I have always been bloated. Friends told me to drink more water, so I did…but that only made the bloating worse. Now, two weeks after switching to Hexagon water, the discomfort and flatulence is gone and my tummy is much flatter too! - LS Ho

Headache Relief
I didn't believe water could relieve headaches, so when my friend, Vivian, suggested I buy a Hexagon water system, I came up with every excuse in the book. Thank goodness for Vivian's perseverance --she dropped off bottled Hexagon water every day, and insisted that I drink it to alleviate my constant headaches. I've been consuming Hexagon water every day for awhile now, and my headaches definitely don't strike as often. I'm a believer now, so installing my own Hexagon has turned out to be an easy decision after all. - SC Tsai

Clearer Complexion
My family just installed a Hexagon, and my mother advised me to wash my face with the water. I am 26 and still suffering from a bad, (and I mean real bad), case of acne. I can't even count the types of creams I have tried over the years. I even took prescription antibiotics, but nothing really helped. I followed my mother's advice and started washing my face with Hexagon water, and drinking tons and tons of it. My acne problem has visibly improved. Old spots have dried up and I get fewer new spots now. The ones I do get aren't very red and have no pus.- ML Yeh

Son Drinks Water Now
My 3-year-old son, Alex, hates drinking water. Getting a quarter cup down his throat is a major daily struggle. Because we had read about the importance of water and the adverse effects of cellular dehydration, my wife and I were worried sick about him. Alex was curious about the Hexagon when I installed it, so I showed him how "… delicious drinking water comes out from this side, while normal tap water for washing comes out from the other side - just by turning the little handle!" I was delighted when he asked to try the "delicious water", but I was downright shocked when he gulped down the half-cup I gave him, and then asked for more! I've heard that young children instinctively know what is good for their bodies. My son must know that Hexagon is good for him because he now drinks many cups of it each day. This may be no big deal for most parents, but getting our son to drink water has been a real milestone for us. - Steven Tai

Plant Growth
They say it takes a prosperous person to grow "prosperity bamboo", so I decided to grow some in my office. Nine months and zero centimeters later, I had just about given up on those sticks because they simply refused to grow! I heard some of my colleagues singing praises about Hexagon water which was reportedly good for this and that. I decided to try it on my ill-fated bamboo plants. One week on Hexagon water, and those "dead sticks" sprouted new shoots! Two weeks later, the shoots were a full six inches taller! Now I am just waiting for prosperity to come my way! - Aminah Ibrahim

Pet Smells Better
I have raised Lizee since she was a puppy, so I know her pretty well. Four days without a bath and Lizee smells! No matter how busy I've been, I've always bathed her twice a week. I guess you could say that getting a Hexagon has made me lazy because it's been at least a week now since I last bathed Lizee. Thanks to Hexagon water she doesn't smell yet. I also notice that she hasn't been scratching as much and her coat is shinier and softer too - Geoffrey Lim

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