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How is eCosway different from. . . .

How is eCosway different from Cosway?
How is eCosway different from e-commerce sites that have failed?
How is eCosway different from other online mall opportunities?
How is eCosway different from Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing opportunties
How is eCosway different from other online income opportunities?
How is eCosway different from online scams?
How is eCosway different from an affiliate program?

How is eCosway different from Cosway?

eCosway is an online e-commerce company established in 2001. It sells consumer products globally through an Internet shopping mall promoted by Business Owners from all over the world.

Cosway was established in 1979 as a direct selling organization. It currently has hundreds of thousands of members selling consumer products in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Mexico and the Philippines.

  • Cosway is one of the parent companies of eCosway.
  • eCosway has the same successful management team as Cosway.
  • Members of Cosway are not automatically Business Owners of eCosway. If they wish to become Business Owners, they must contract with eCosway.
  • eCosway Business Owners are not automatically members of Cosway. If they wish to join Cosway, they must reside in a country/republic where Cosway is currently operating, and they must enroll as members.
  • eCosway is a completely separate company from Cosway.
  • Lines of sponsorship need not be the same in Cosway and eCosway.

How is eCosway different from
e-commerce sites that have failed?

Dot com failures are always due to lack of profitable "traffic." In other words, commercial websites need to generate revenue somehow. They either need to sell products online or they need to offer free services to visitors and then sell the "eyeballs" or the visitor's attention to advertisers for revenue. Most companies believed that if they just built and promoted a web site, people would visit it and they would be profitable. With millions of websites competing for visitor attention, very few of these companies ever got the traffic and the revenue they needed to succeed. The business model simply didn't work. A lot of money was spent designing, supporting and advertising websites that never made good business sense in the first place.

eCosway is very different from all of those failed ventures. Mutual Marketing™ doesn't depend on advertising to drive traffic or to succeed. It is a win/win model that rewards Shoppers, Suppliers, and entrepreneurial Business Owners for acting out of self-interest.
It ensures traffic by rewarding word of mouth, which has proven to be the most effective strategy on the Internet. We have not one, but TWO powerful word of mouth programs: Our Shopper Rewards Program (which includes an Amazing One Dollar Auction); and a B.O.S.S. (Business Ownership Support System;). These two programs guarantee that the eCosway mall has regular and profitable traffic.

How is eCosway different from other online mall opportunities?

There are two different types of online "mall" opportunities: Groups of shops and Affiliate malls. Both are quite different from eCosway.

1. Groups of Shops:

Some companies that design and/or host web sites group their clients together and showcase them on one central "mall" website. This parallels the idea of a physical shopping mall where lots of shops congregate under the same roof to take advantage of foot traffic. In these cases, your income opportunity comes from selling the web design and hosting services or "listings" in the online mall.

eCosway's Global Online Shopping Mall differs from this model because it is not a group of individual shops or websites. Using the physical shopping analogy, eCosway would be more like a mega department store offering a wide variety of products and services all under one roof. Merchandise is sourced from many different suppliers and sold at eCosway.com. Your income opportunity comes from sales made at your own branch of the eCosway Global Online Shopping Mall and sales from any of the mall branches in your Global Network.

2. Affiliate Malls:

Some Internet "malls" are comprised of links to other shopping sites on the Internet. A company that sells (or better yet, gives) you one of these link malls has contracted with each of these shopping sites to receive a sales commission whenever a purchase comes through any of their link malls. This commission is usually very small since the shopping sites are retailers--not suppliers or wholesalers. The company organizing the affiliate mall then offers you an income opportunity. If you can drive traffic through your link mall they will pay you a fraction of the sales commission paid to them by the retailers. The only problem is that the commissions, (which were small to begin with), are minuscule when shared by so many people.

eCosway's Global Online Shopping Mall differs from this model because we don't link to retailers. We ARE the retailer. We don't split sales commissions given to us by retailers, we payout profits from the difference between wholesale and retail prices. We have an entire department of buyers who search the world for unique and popular products and negotiate the best possible wholesale prices. This enables us to price our merchandise competitively enough to excite shoppers, and still have enough profit to pay good sales commissions to our Business Owners.

Important Note:
Many companies offering link malls charge a large sign-up fee, or sell the malls themselves as products. Whether any customers actually shop from these link malls is basically immaterial to the income opportunity because everyone earns big commissions on the initial sign-ups or mall purchases. This set up has been determined to be a pyramid scheme in many countries. At least one well known company has already been stopped by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) of the U.S. for running this scheme. eCosway, on the other hand, does NOT pay commissions on its small joining fee; and all commissions paid to Business Owners are based on the retail sales of real products to end-consumers. eCosway's model passes all of the legal challenges put forth by recent court battles regarding the difference between legitimate businesses or pyramid schemes.

How is eCosway different from Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing opportunities?

Network Marketing or "Multi-Level Marketing" companies generally have one or more features that differ greatly from eCosway's Mutual Marketing Model.

1. Over-Priced Products– Many Network Marketing companies offer products priced much higher than similar products in retail stores. The reason for this is simple-these companies focus more on recruiting and paying distributors than they do on offering consumer value or on being competitive in the marketplace. These companies know that as long as distributors are making money, they will buy the product themselves (no matter the price) and will get their friends and family members to buy it too. This is problematic for several reasons.

    • Consumers resent being over-charged for products, so distributors have a hard time getting and keeping retail customers.
    • Since 1999, a company that only has its distributors or members buying the product (and not retail customers who aren't involved in the income opportunity) can be considered a pyramid scheme by the U.S. government.
    • Distributors who don't make enough money with the income opportunity soon drop out and stop buying the product because they can't afford it.

eCosway does NOT manufacture or private label products in order to price them higher than similar items in retail stores. eCosway sources high quality products from around the world (many are well known brand names) and prices them at or below retail so that consumers can buy products they already want - at prices they already expect to pay.

    • eCosway customers don't have to pay higher prices just so that distributors can make money off of them.
    • eCosway Business Owners don't have to justify higher prices or take advantage of friends and relatives.
    • Shoppers want to buy the products whether they are interested in an income opportunity or not. This ensures long-term income stability for both eCosway and its Business Owners.

2. Products With Limited Appeal—Many Network Marketing companies offer only a small range of products that appeal to a certain group of people. Often these products are expensive nutritional or weight loss products. The expensive nature of these products limits the market and increases the need for justifying why they are worth more than cheaper brands sold in stores. Other companies offer "miracle" products (for health, for beauty, for cars, for finances, etc.). These require a lot of explaining because people have to be convinced that they need such products, and they have to believe that the "miracle" will happen.

eCosway, on the other hand, offers thousands of exciting and popular products. Shoppers can buy brand name items that they already know and love, and discover exotic new things they can't buy anywhere else. In either case, shoppers don't require a lot of convincing and the website does all of the explaining.

3. Geographical Constraints—Network Marketing companies are usually geographically restricted to the countries/republics where they have filed all appropriate paperwork, established a headquarters and set up either a manufacturing plant or a product distribution center. This makes international expansion a slow and cumbersome process. Since the business is primarily done "offline," distributors from these companies usually have to travel to new countries/republics that are "opening up" in order to personally find and recruit citizens of that country/republic.

eCosway, on the other hand, is a truly global and wholly online opportunity with no geographical restrictions other than those posed by governments on their own citizens. From the moment you become an eCosway Business Owner, you can start attracting shoppers and other Business Owners from all over world. eCosway's B.O.S.S. (Business Ownership Support System) helps you do just that!

4. Time Consuming & Costly Activities-It's extremely difficult to succeed in most Network Marketing companies unless you are willing to invest a lot of money in marketing materials and marketing campaigns and then put in a lot of time and effort attending meetings, explaining products, placing orders, doing paperwork, and training your downline.

eCosway, on the other hand, can be done completely online any time of day or night so it takes much less time and can easily fit into even the tightest of schedules. Your online office, network statistics and all of the training resources and marketing materials are available online 24 hours per day

5. Unreasonable Compensation Plans-Most Network Marketing companies structure their compensation plans in such a way that either pay:

  • "Big and Fast" (These are usually pyramid schemes disguised as Network Marketing companies.)
  • "Hard and Heavy" (These are very difficult plans for the average part-timer but are they are very lucrative for "heavy hitters" who do make it.)
  • "Spread Out and Limited" (These plans pay a reasonable amount of money to a larger number of people, but they rarely offer big income potential to those willing and able to really "go for it.")

eCosway, on the other hand, offers a unique Profit Plan that

  • Pays profits quickly while you are building your network (thanks to a very special feature called "ISO"-Initial Sale Offer).
  • Pays 12-28% retail profit on all of the eVolume generated by your entire Shopper Network.
  • Pays handsome overriding profit and branch performance incentive on unlimited numbers of Business Owner Branches in your network.
  • Allows you complete control over the placement of eVolume-giving you the ability to maximize your profits each month.
  • Allows you to put eVolume in reserve so that you can "auto-qualify" each month for profit payout when you're taking a break.

Mutual Marketing™ differs fundamentally from Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing. The business model is mutually beneficial for so many more people. Shoppers win with great products at great prices (VERY rare in Network Marketing). Suppliers, both big and small, from all over the world, win with access to loyal international customers (almost UNHEARD of in Network Marketing). Business Owners win with a genuine opportunity to create a safe second income without risking large sums of time or money and without risking their jobs or reputations (a welcomed change). eCosway wins because of the long-term stability provided by happy suppliers, satisfied shoppers and prosperous Business Owners!

How is eCosway different from other online income opportunities?

There are many opportunities for making money on the Internet. Almost anything you can think of which is profitable "offline" could probably be translated to an online business if you do it right. But most of these opportunities require that you be an extraordinary entrepreneur and that you blaze trails into unknown territory. Most require that you either already possess or need to hire technological expertise. Most require that you have great skill in marketing-especially marketing on the Internet. Most require that you be extremely savvy and competitive since your prospects can, with the click of a button, see your competitor's activities and prices.

eCosway is different from these opportunities in one very important way - We've already done all the homework, laid all the groundwork, blazed the "1st Mover" trail, and paid the multi-million dollar price to establish a solid business and a fantastic Business Ownership Support System for you!

How is eCosway different from online scams?

There are many "income opportunities" out there which are scams. Most are relatively easy to spot, but some actually look like legitimate opportunities. eCosway has nothing in common with these scams. If you think that there are similarities, please look more closely. As you examine the relevant issues, you'll see how the eCosway difference makes all the difference in the world! Please do your due diligence. We are confident that eCosway will pass with flying colors under close scrutiny.

Please also see How is eCosway different from pyramid schemes?

How is eCosway different from an affiliate program?

Affiliate programs are quite popular on the Internet. "Hyperlinks" have revolutionized the old fashioned process of "referring business." Now, with the click of a mouse, a person can be sent from one site to another. There are clear "travel" logs that let site owners know exactly where business came from. This creates a very obvious income opportunity for anyone who can set up a website which drives customers to other sites that pay commissions for referrals. Many of the most popular sites on the Internet are willing to pay commissions to anyone for sending business their way. However, there are a few limitations to this model. If you want to earn a serious income:

1. You need to have a website that gets traffic in order to send that traffic elsewhere.
2. The people you attract to your website have to be from demographic categories compatible with the sites you refer them to. (If you attract dog lovers, it's not likely that they will click through and buy from a cat food site!) This isn't always an easy match since you may or may not know very much about the people who visit your site.
3. The people who visit your site may or may not easily become paying customers of the sites you link to. If e-commerce doesn't happen, e-commissions aren't paid!
4. Most affiliate commissions are very small, so you need a whole lot of sales to earn a decent income. To make matters worse, many sites are cutting back or completely cutting off their affiliate programs in the current "dot crunch" recession.
5. Most affiliate programs do not pay residual commissions on the future purchases of customers who originally came from your site. You constantly have to send new customers if you want a steady stream of income.

eCosway has nothing in common with affiliate programs. Our shoppers and Business Owners do indeed get rewarded for "referrals" but we have a very different business model. With affiliate programs you are "on your own" and are simply rewarded if you happen to make profit for someone else. With eCosway, you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. You are part of a global network of people working together in a win/win way. The eCosway income opportunity is a turn-key Business Ownership System. Everything is already set up for you. All you have to do is Go For It!


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