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EXCEL with a Store Concept Like No Other

eCosway gives some of its capable and qualified Independent Business Owners the chance to run free stores!

We lease space in a high foot traffic location, do the necessary renovation, set up the store, put in the equipment and all of the products, and then if you are selected, we let you run it and profit from it absolutely FREE! It’s so much smarter and safer than buying a franchise because while leveraging on a successful system is the same in either model, an eCosway store is risk free and allows you to enjoy multiple streams of income of profit that will continue to come in, even after you walk away!

Buying a Franchise Running a Free eCosway Store
High initial investment No investment required
Ongoing franchise fees No fees charged
Building lease or purchase cost eCosway pays the lease
Limited products or services Unlimited product range
Buying yourself a job Create time & financial freedom
Single source of profit Multiple streams of profit

Operating one of our free stores, is kind of like being a franchisee, but focusing on building a network of people who want to buy our products, do our business or get free stores is kind of like being a franchisor. Which would you rather be? A franchisee, or a franchisor? Some people are cut out for the day-to-day grind of actually running a store, and some people would rather just focus on network building and sales. As an Independent Business Owner, you are welcome to use any of the stores, to bring your prospects to shop. The commission enjoyed by the store operator is separate and distinct from the network profits so all stores are "your" stores.

Having a store can certainly help you to build a network (because all of the people walking by who aren’t already members of eCosway can be introduced by you) but it isn´t necessary for success. Some of our top earners have never personally run stores. It’s up to you. You can take advantage of just one, or both of these amazing opportunities.

The Bottom Line: The infrastructure behind eCosway’s sustainable system of cooperative commerce is quite complicated; but you don´t need to know anything about global business to harness its power and realise your dreams. Building an eCosway Business is simple, easy and rewarding.